Get a new name & fame under the banner of Sid Bernstein!

Musicians are blessed with the power to change any individual’s mood with their divine art. World is filled with talented artists and its mesmerizing to see how they can let someone cry or laugh easily. Out of millions of artists across the globe, we know hardly few of them and that is because it is not everyone’s cup of tea to make a special place in the heart of music lovers. There is a strong need for leaders of music industry to come forward and promote new struggling artists and so the famous personalities like John Antony, Arnie Abrams as well as Dylan Bernstein are in one group to benefit talented artists by promoting them in every possible aspect. ‘Banner Record’ follows guidance of Sid Bernstein, so do we know how exactly one artist need to be portrayed and popularize. Most of the successful musician is brought in front of audiences by a record label group.

Lot of artists who are now ruling the world from their music were once selected by our team and nurtured by us for refining their art form. Artists like Savannah Night, Tyler Stephens, Laurie Shaw, Rachel Conrad and many more are associated with our record label. One can easily have a look on our work over website and see the difference how beautifully they are working with us. Our record label is a trademark that focuses in marketing of music recordings and music videos. Basically Banner Record is involved in hiring new artists, refining their art form according to music industry’s need as well as audience’s preferences, record their music and public them in different modes.  All of our staff is well experienced and so knows the industry’s need.

So, if you are one of those who have got talent and are waiting for someone to stay beside while they hypnotize the world with their music. We are here to help you. Being one of the most demanded and experienced personality of music industry, John Antony is helping many established artists in maintaining their name-fame and discovering new artist to get them a whole new popularity.